World Class Camping, Fishing, and Swimming
World Class Camping, Fishing, and Swimming

Welcome to Gamber Cove

Members are allowed to bring guests, but they need to register and purchase a guest pass. Guest passes are available for $4 per day. Handicapped guests and children under the age of 13 are free.

Annual Memberships include Husband, Wife, Dependant Children under 21 and Grandchildren under the age of 17.
Memberships start at $750 and include full use of our 315 acres of land. We have over 10 fishing lakes, 5 miles of hiking and golf cart trails, campfires, berry picking, mushroom hunting, swimming pool, shooting range, live music on hoilday weekends, hog roasts, poker runs, fishing tournaments, and many other events and activities!

Members can tent camp for $35 per night or they can purchase a permanent campsite which start at $750 per year.

Members also have full access to the clubhouse, shower house, swimming pool, and swimming lake.

               DUE DATE APRIL 1  50%  &   JUNE 1  50%

Dues & Fees

         Campsite Deposit -- $50.00

    Initiation Fee -- $50.00


Individual or family membership----$750.00

               Family membership includes dependent children

               Under age 21 and Grandchildren under age 17


   -Senior discount -- One member of family over age 65 = -$100.00

-CAMPSITES with water & electric available ---------------$600.00

-Lakeside campsite with water & electric available ---------$650.00

-Primitive lakeside campsite -----------------------------------$600.00

-Primitive campsite non-lake side -----------------------------$550.00

- Campsites W/ permanent room additions ---------------- $100 extra

- Sites W/deck $50, roof $100, roof over deck & camper $150 extra

- Sites W/storage sheds --- $50 each extra ----Large sheds $75 extra

- All daily campsite rates --------- (electric extra) -------------$35.00 

- GUEST FEES -- Age 13 & older (Daily) -------------------$4.00

- Paying Guest over age 21 limited to 10 days per year


- SWIMMING POOL Members & Guests -- (Daily) ----------$3.00

- ELECTRIC -----.20 cents per KWH--- Min. charge Yr. ---$50.00

-- Building permits (decks, storage sheds & etc.) -------------$15.00

- BOAT STORAGE SPACE, ------------------- PER YEAR--$50.00

 - Crystal Lakes Inc. Dues -----------------------------------------------------$50.00

 – SUMMER RESIDENCY --- (PER MONTH) ---------------$50.00



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Where to Find Us:

Gamber Cove
1572 Cottonwood Dr


Phone: 309 879 2490

always improving grounds new trails and fishing spots will open up throughout the year







Gravel on all the back roads has been on the agenda for years. We get a little done now and then, but there just has not been enough funds to get it done.We will sell tickets $5 each, 6 for $25, or 30 for $100. The drawing will be held on one or all three Holiday weekends providing we  have enough for at least 1 semi load of CA 6 road mix (gravel). The Number drawn will have a choice of $600 Cash Or 1 year GC dues paid.   Tickets may be purchased at the office or send a separate check to GC with R.R. as the memo.   ALL RAFFLE FUNDS COLLECTED WILL GO STRICTLY  FOR THE USE OF GRAVEL ON DIRT ROADS.          


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