World Class Camping, Fishing, and Swimming
World Class Camping, Fishing, and Swimming




                                                                 A  BRIEF HISTORY


            A Recreational Park Established some time in the late 1950’s by a  couple of retired Mine workers named Hartman and Johnson. They purchased 317 acres from Midland Coal, invested in a well, and electric system on about 10 acres of the land purchased. They used the last part of both their names and named it MANSON HEIGHTS.  In 1964 they invested in a swimming pool and shower house. 

           Some time in the early 70’s they fell on hard times, and subdivided lots on Lake Warner (BIG LAKE).  Started selling Lake View home sites, (Called Manson Heights Subdivision).

             Mr. Johnson passed away, leaving everything to Mr. Hartman. Hartman passed away, leaving all to three daughters. One of the daughters, married to Ted Brewington who ran everything until Spring of 1983, at which time they turned it over to the Bank for balance owed.

             Along came R.G. in 1984 and now it is to Date called Gamber Cove. Established  July 8, 1984


Where to Find Us:

Gamber Cove
1572 Cottonwood Dr


Phone: 309 879 2490

always improving grounds new trails and fishing spots will open up throughout the year

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